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Film/Game Music Composition Mentorship (1-on-1)

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In my experience, having a mentor is the best, most cost/time efficient thing you can do to improve in the arts, that´s what made renaissance artists so spectacular, this is also true in music if you read any famous composer's biography. Academic programs are expensive and very lacking in perspective to what it takes and at what level one has to be to really make it as a AAA composer in the industry. Having a strong mentor will hyper-focus your attention on your weaknesses and will improve your abilities tenfold. This is also not magic, extra time spent will have to be used working twice as hard on your craft, there´s no shortcut, also there´s no timeframe for how long it takes, some people do it in 3 years, others in 10.

It´s up to you.

I will help you to the best of my abilities to get your orchestral music to the best it can be through rigorous training in the pillars of orchestral music-making, this will help so you never have "writer's block" again and how to write music from the heart and not from "the book" through mastery of the fundamentals, as it was passed down from my mentors on my non-stop 10-year learning journey of orchestral composition.

I recommend we assess your level in the first lesson and make a plan of improvement for the future, this way we know where we want to go and what is needed to achieve that.

Spots are limited due to my professional work as a composer.

Topics Include:

  • Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Development/Form
  • Orchestration & Instrumentation
  • Video Game Music
  • Film Scoring
  • Production (MIDI Mockups, Mixing, Templates, etc...)
  • Career Development
  • "Fundamentals" (If you are a beginner, read below)

*I demo mostly in music notation unless we are doing the production, film scoring, or game scoring program, so if you don´t know how to read music this might be a bit difficult, but if you want to learn that, we can arrange some exercises and work on the basics as well, as long as you are committed to learn and get better!

Send me an email if you want to start with the Fundamentals" program, which are the basics of music notation, and basic musicianship (rhythm training, ear training, basic writing, basic piano playing, and reading music). In this "Fundamentals Plan" the lessons will be shorter and it will be at a lower cost until we get to a point to start the "standard mentorship".

You can send me any questions or ask for more info related to the Mentorship at eduardo@eduardolopezmusic.com with the subject line "Mentorship Info".

*Access to the private discord server where you can ask me any question, share your work in progress, talk about music, films, games or share the best music memes, and get to know each other!

**Lessons can be given both in English and Spanish

Thank you!

-Eduardo López


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Four 55 min. One-on-One Lessons per Month via Skype/Zoom/Meet/Discord

$180 a month

Film/Game Music Composition Mentorship (1-on-1)

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